Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I apologize for the lack of posts. Getting the internet during camp time is quite challenging. We are now in our second and last week of camp. Last week was great. We had about 500 kids in a very poor township named Mamelodi. That is where I did camp last year so I was some what familiar with it. One interesting thing is that we have to have translators at this camp and we ended up getting a lot of them from a local high school. There were some that where not saved, so there they are translating the stories and the Lord really started working in some of their hearts. So not only was it for the kids, we really saw the Lord move in the translators lives, really cool.

This week we are in a nice school, we meet in an auditorium, we have power. Very different from last week. This week a lot of the kids know the story of salvation and almost all speak English. So this is more of a discipleship opportunity.

We have had really great teams come in to help with the camps. Last week we had a group from Savannah come, and they were amazing, Josh Hawk their leader and Audra do a great job with them. They were perfect for the Mamelodi camp. We also had a small group from Brookhills of girls around 26 and one girl come on her own...shout out Mak!

This week we have one from Brookhills, one from Dallas, a group from Hueytown, and a father and daughter from Texas. Love this group as well, they have been a lot of fun to serve with.

I'm learning a lot about myself. I have realized that a lot of times I have just said that administration was my gifting but have never been completely happy or secure in it. One day this past week it was like that is not necessarily my gifting but maybe more so what I hide behind because I am afraid of the unknown. Anyway I'm very thankful to be aware of that and just continuing to learn who the Lord has made and is making me to be.

Its amazing how the Lord knows exactly what you need when you need it. I was so thankful to have a small group of girls come from my home church and they were all around my age! The crazy thing is I had never met any of them, what in the world. I do not know what the Lord is calling me to after this but I am thankful to have those girls in the Ham. The Lord continues to restore me while I'm here and they were just such a breath of fresh air. So shout out to my BHAM girls!

here are some from camp


Hannah said...

oh geez. i miss it.

and I miss YOU. sounds like the Lord is really moving in the camps. this is exciting!

Anonymous said...

laurahelen child's sister is one of my bffs! so glad you guys got to hang out. glad to see pics and read about you. praying for you girl! lotsa luvin

Crystal Garcia said...

You were a breath of fresh air to me. Truly a blessing. Can't wait to see you again soon. I'm praying for this week's camp fo sho.


Ann Catherine said...

Love the pic of the kid with his tongue out! That got an "LOL" from me!
miss you...

Brewer said...
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Brewer said...

Amber, I am so excited to hear about what the Lord is teaching you! I know you are having a blast. We miss you and love you! Katie (Somebody's turning one next week!)